Covid-19 Update


Dear Fellow Resident,

You may have already received an email from Melissa Jennings dated
11 March offering a contact point with your Parish Council (PC) during the current COVID- 19 pandemic.

The PC met yesterday (17 March) to review the current situation and decide what needed to be done. Elaine Capp of Neighbourhood Watch and Lou Walker joined the meeting at the PC’s invitation. The following decisions emerged:

  •   The parish email distribution list will be the main vehicle of communication.
  •   To plug any gaps in the list the PC will deliver a hard copy of this letter to all


  •   Initial prime contacts for Parish Council coordinated assistance will be:

    Melissa Jennings:

 Tel: 07775 655214

Dennis Nye:
 Tel: 07799 587913 or 01962 733328

If you have received this letter only in hard copy form, please seriously consider letting Dennis have your email details and/or check that your email junk settings are not blocking messages.

We suggest that all residents put in place their own support plans with friends or family. In the event that these plans fail, the PC has set up a team of volunteer helpers, who are willing to offer help/advice to those who are restricted by isolation. If further assistance is beyond their reach, they will seek advice elsewhere.

Unless you have strong reservations, please let the PC know if you and/or your household are in self-isolation or enforced isolation. This information will make it easier for the PC to provide help, should it be needed.

The Parish Council is registered under current data protection legislation to hold such information.

Your PC support group is ready to offer help and welcomes your involvement in whatever form you prefer.