Minutes – 26th May 2020

Date:  Tuesday, 26th May 2020
Venue:  Via a Video Conferencing facility

Present:  Chairman:  John Mitchell

Dennis Nye, Bill Wykeham, Yvonne White, Melissa Jennings, Cllr Margot Power, Cllr Jackie Porter

Clerk:  Wendy Simson

Apologies:  None

Time:  7:00pm

1. Minutes of the last meeting


The minutes for the meeting on 21st April 2020 were agreed as a true representation of the meeting. The Chairman had some minor corrections, which he would forward to the Clerk and a final hard copy will be signed when the Councillors are able to meet later in the year.

2. Matters arising
Environmental Health Issue – There has been no further information about the issues raised at the last meeting and clarification of the activity has not been possible, so at this time no further action is to be taken.

3. Covid19 update

There are some eight households self-isolating and these are being well supported by the community and deliveries from the fruit & veg deliveries as well and meat and fish from Alresford. The volunteer group continues to keep in contact with all residents to ensure any issues are picked up and supported.

4. Planning Applications
Swarraton Farm –The application by Swarraton Farms (19/02620/FUL), for minor extending of residential curtilage, has been approved.

South West Water Pipeline – The Chairman circulated a letter from the Parish Council objecting to the pipeline to all Councillors for approval before sending to the Planning Officers before the 22nd May deadline. Residents have also written from Northington and other villages in the area. Approximately 40 letters have been sent.

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The Chairman said he had spoken to a journalist on the Hampshire Chronicle and an article was published on 7th May.
The PC wondered why a pipeline was required, when the Candover Brook could provide a conduit for the water, with the existing pumping station in Totford providing the required force to move the water through the valley.

Councillor Porter suggested that impacts on landscaping in the South Down National Park were likely to be an issue. If the pipeline were to be redirected to avoid these areas then a second consultation would be required.
The Chairman asked the Council to consider setting up an Action Group with a view to seeking legal advice to ensure a robust objection is made. The Chairman was asked about the Parish Council funding such action, when the Council had declined to support legal action against the Food Festival. The Chairman said that the Council had declined to help fund opposition to the grant of a licence. Funding opposition to Chefstock would be different again, because there was no unanimity about the issue, unlike the pipeline.

Councillor Porter suggested that the Chairman should speak to the planning officer, Linda Kirby- Hawkes to ask for the current view on the application. If it was likely to be declined or a second application made, then it may be wise to spend money fighting later on.
It was agreed that the Chairman would speak to the planning officer and brief/consult the Council, before raising with residents the possibility of crowd funding and legal action.

Action: Chairman to keep Councillors informed of progress

Totford Saw Mill – The plan to construct a single dwelling with associated landscaping and parking, following the demolition and removal of existing buildings and structures (19/01509/FUL), is to be considered at the next Winchester City planning meeting on Tuesday 2nd June at 9:30am.

5. Clerk’s statement

The Clerk informed Councillors a statement from NatWest has been received but having contacted the bank the process for changing access has not yet been done, so the Clerk is not yet able to make electronic payments. There are five outstanding invoices, which are:

  • Insurance – £352.36 (due 1/6)
  • HALC subscription – £168.53 (due 31/5)
  • Defib costs – £230.00 (from last meeting)
  • Clerk’s salary (Jan to Mar) – £250.00
  • Chairman parking – £5.60 (from 20/1)

    The Council approved these payments and the Clerk has written cheques which were signed and can be forwarded.The budget has been updated to show the payments made and the current balance shows £7,335.75 across both accounts. The Clerk asked about the Grants for the Village Hall and upkeep of the Churchyard and it was agreed that these be made at the next meeting.

6. Lengthsman duties

Councillor Wykeham reported that the visit on 6th May went very well and that the team of 2 people worked hard to ensure all the areas of concern were tackled. Six residents sent details of jobs to be done and they were carried out.

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The next Lengthsman visit is planned for 15th July and Councillor Wykeham plans to look at sight lines at the junctions in the village to ensure vegetation is cut back to ensure good visibility. There are also several Rights of Way, which may need to be tackled.
The Chairman informed the Councillors that the

7. Misuse of Millennium Path

It appears some visitors to the area have been straying onto private land and not keeping dogs on leads when walking the Millennium Path, despite signs at both ends of the walk, asking Path users to do so.

8. Any other business

The Clerk had received a message from Jean Frost, the Editor of Oxdrove, about the next issue in July, which she plans to make a vehicle for thanking those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty during Lockdown, along with any funny stories. All residents have received a copy of Jean’s email and contributions should be sent sent to her.

It was agreed that the PC’s note should include mention of Lou Walker and Elaine Capp for their part setting up and managing the support groups.
Action: Chairman to write a short piece and send to Jean

Councillor White informed Councillors that an update to the planning application for Rose Cottage

9. Date of the next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 21st July at 7.00 pm, perhaps in the Woolpack Inn, but a decision on the location will depend on Covid-19 developments.

Central East Access Team from Hampshire County

Council (HCC) had been in touch to ask for the Priority Cutting List for Rights of Way but had also asked Parish Councils for support with the work as their teams were not able to manage them all requests due to Covid19. The Clerk had asked HCC if any costs incurred would be covered by HCC and she has now received confirmation that costs will be paid.

Action: Chairman to identify priority rights of way for cutting.

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(19/02560/HOU) had been posted. Initial feedback was that the property was large but in keeping with the area.


Councillor Jennings said she was happy to continue updating the Parish website with information for the Parish Council, the Church and Village Hall.


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