Minutes – 21st July 2020

Date:  Tuesday, 21st July 2020

Venue:  Via a Video Conferencing facility

Present:  Chairman:  John Mitchell

Dennis Nye, Bill Wykeham, Yvonne White, Melissa Jennings, Cllr Margot Power, Cllr Jackie Porter

Clerk:  Wendy Simson

None (Yvonne had issues with connection)

Time:  7:00pm

1. Minutes of the last meeting


The minutes for the meeting on 27th May 2020 were agreed as a true representation of the meeting. The Clerk had forwarded a hard copy of the minutes to the Chairman which he signed.

2. Matters arising
Grass cutting for Rights of Way – The Parish Council submitted the following list of areas to be cut:

3. Covid19 update


  • The Oxdrove from the Woolpack Inn through to Preston Candover
  • The Wayfarer’s Walk
  • The Right of Way from Bryces Lane In Brown Candover to Kites Hill, Northington

July Oxdrove issue – The Chairman wrote a piece for the Oxdrove which thanked all those involved with supporting the village throughout Covid19.


Most households are starting to move about more now, there is no new concerns in the Parish. The

Volunteer WhatsApp page is just passing on news and keeping everyone up to date. It was agreed that the page needed to be kept live as a second wave of infections was expected in September/October.
Action: Councillors Jennings & Nye to send out a reminder email about the site after the next meeting in September.

The Chairman reported that Northington had been identified as a “hot spot” for case in the Hampshire Chronicle, this was due to a high proportion of reported cases in the area being hospitalised.

4. Planning Applications
Southern Water Pipeline – Councillor Porter informed the Council that South West Water had been asked by the planner to revisit their plans and investigate the option of using the river.
Councillor Porter also informed that Councillors that a visit had been planned with the Director of Place to the Grange to discuss the various applications being made.

Action: Clerk to ensure any updates are circulated.

Totford Sawmill (19/01509/FUL) – This application was rejected by the Planning Team as the site is designated as industrial and no effort had been made to continue for it to be used in this way. It is likely that an appeal will be raised.
Merrivale (20/01182/HSE) – The Councillors had no objections to the plans. The Chairman raised the concern that the garage was being used as living accommodation whilst the build talks place and ensuring that this is only a temporary right.

Southampton Runway Plans – Councillor Porter informed the Council that Winchester City Council intends to object due to the environmental impact and the effect on the carbon targets of the Council. Councillor Wykeham voiced a contrary opinion that the airport provided a resource to the County and without the runway extension would not be viable for the future.

Action: It was agreed that individual Councillors would respond
Swarraton House (20/01243/HOU) – The Councillors had no objections to this application.

5. Clerk’s statement

The Clerk has been in touch with Nat West about the on-line access to the account and a further form was required which has not been completed.
There are two outstanding invoices which need to be paid via cheque, which are:

  • Internal audit (2019/20) – £50.00
  • Clerk’s salary (April to June) – £250.00

    The read out the statements from page 5 of the AGAR form for approval, however the connections were not good, so the Councillors read the statements and approved them via email. The Chairman approved the completed AGAR and signed it off.
    The Clerk explained that the completed form is now to be uploaded to the Parish Council website and sent to the External Auditor. A small sample (5%) of small Councils with an income below £25,000 are picked for examination but if Northington do not fall into this group then the audit of the 2019/20 paperwork is concluded.

    Action: Clerk to ensure completed AGAR form is forwarded to External Auditor

6. Lengthsman duties

Councillor Wykeham had planned to ask the Lengthsman to concentrate on lines of sight at junctions throughout the Parish and had created a list of those that required action prior to the visit on 15th July. The day before the visit HCC cut all these areas. Councillor Porter suggested that there should be a cutting rota at HCC and agreed to speak to the department to get access as a huge amount of time had been wasted.

Action: Councillor Porter to speak to HCC about rota.
The next visit is planned for 29th September which falls just after the next Parish Council meeting so Councillor Wykeham to update the Councillors on planned activity.

7. Any other business
Winnall Roundabout roadworks – Councillor Nye circulated the information about the roadworks planned for the Winnall Roundabout to the community. Further work is planned which will go to consultation in September or October.

Councillor Porter believed that the A31 was also due to be closed as part of this work and agreed to find more details.
Action: Councillor Porter to forward information about A31 plans
Project to improve cycling and walking – Councillor Power gave a short update on the project which allowed the public to identify areas where additional work was required to make then safe for walking and cycling, this link is:


A peg has already been put in for Northington.
Northington Hill and Grange Corner speed signs – The speed signs have been installed; however, Councillor White was informed that there was not sufficient space to install bollards at Beech Dean. Having measured the area Councillor White is going to go back to Andy Smith at Highways as it looks like there is the required room.
Action: Councillor White to speak to Hampshire Highways Team
Grange Farm – The Chairman met with Mark Baring and prepared a short report on the findings. Action: Chairman to circulate to all Councillors
Rubble at telephone box – a pile of rubble has been dumped at the telephone box, this has been reported and removed. The Councillors discussed if the box should be removed or leased out to grow tomato plants.
Biodiversity Action Plan – Councillor Power gave a short update about the plan to improve the biodiversity of Hampshire. Northington has a good rating but other areas require work. A presentation will be made on-line, Monday 27th July.
Action: Yvonne and Dennis to attend and report back

8. Date of the next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 22nd September at 7.00 pm, perhaps in the Village Hall, but a decision on the location will depend on Covid-19 developments.
Councillor Power gave her apologies but agreed to send a colleague if possible.