Minutes – 21st January 2020



Tuesday, 21st January 2020 Woolpack Inn, Totford

Present:  John Mitchell – Chairman
Dennis Nye
Bill Wykeham
Yvonne White
Melissa Jennings
Cllr Russell Gordon-Smith

Alexandra Risebury

Wendy Simson – Clerk

Apologies:  Cllr Margot Power

Time: 7:30pm


The Chairman welcomed all present including Alexandra Risebury who had resigned as Clerk after 4 years’ service. The Councillors presented Alex with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a card.
Cllr Russell Gordon-Smith attended the meeting as Cllr Margot Power was unavailable.

1. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes for the meeting in September and November were both signed as a true representation of the meeting. The September minutes had been held over due to not enough of those who attended the meeting being present in November.

2. Matters arising

The planning application for Merryvale, which was discussed at the last meeting, was passed by Winchester City Council.
The road issues at Grange Corner are due to be dealt with in February, with white dash road markings. The bollards which were suggested could not be used as they would reduce the width of the road.

3. Planning Applications

There have been two planning applications since the last meeting they were:

  • 1 Calf Shed, Newhouse Farm (19/02608/HOU) – the Councillors agreed that they had noobjections to this application
  • Rose Cottage, Swarraton (19/02339/HOU) – the closing date on this application was 9thJanuary but the Councillors agreed that due to the size and proximity to the boundary that a

    comment should be forwarded to Winchester City Council.

    Action: Chairman to write a comment on behalf of the Council.

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4. Food Festival

The Chairman and a number of the Councillors attended the hearing at the Guildhall in Winchester on Monday 20th and the licence for this event has been granted. The Chairman had the opportunity to speak and was able to convey the concerns of the community, in particular with the traffic management of the event. It appears that a traffic management plan was not required, as part of the licensing hearing but one would need to be presented. Brand Events said that they run a number of similar events across the country so have experience in this field, but in discussion showed a distinct lack of local knowledge.

The noise was discussed under the heading Public Nuisance and some time was spent on this point. Brand Events agreed to a lower level of dbs.

It was agreed that the Council should send a letter to the Licensing Committee placing on record the Parish Council’s disappointment with the outcome. The
Action: Chairman to circulate a letter for Councillors to appraise and agree.

Council agreed to send out to the parish a note, outlining the outcome of the Licensing Hearing.

Action: Chairman to circulate a draft note for Councillors to view.

5. Clerk’s statement

The Clerk gave a short overview of the handover given by the previous Clerk and that there were a number of items, which required action, they are:

  • Change the contact details on the Nat West current account
  • Meeting with the nationwide about the contact details on the savings account
  • Inform key contacts of the change in Clerk for example the insurance company.The Clerk suggested that either the Chairman or Councillor White meet with the Nationwide as this has been a long running issue to get the bank mandate completed.
    Action: Clerk to book meeting with Nationwide
    Action: Clerk to obtain forms for Nat West account and get completed

    The Clerk also confirmed that the precept form to increase the precept to £4,500 for 2020/21 had been completed and returned.

6. Any other business
Defibrillator at Village Hall – The VH committee had reported that the batteries have died. And asked if NPC would pay for their renewal. Estimated at £200. The council acceded to this request.
Action: Clerk to send out instructions about how to test the equipment and where to report issues to and how to order new batteries and pads (both have expiry dates).

Next Door (social media site) – It appears a number of residents have been contacted and signed up for a social media site called Next Door. Councillor Nye didn’t believe it was malicious but would generate spam email depending on search criteria.

Burglaries – There have been a spate of burglaries including 4 homes round Swarraton Lodge. PC Reid had been very supportive despite this being out of his area. It was suggested that how to protect your property be put on the agenda for the AGM, with hints and tools such as “smartwater pens” available. Action: Clerk to speak to Winchester police about attending


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Fly-tipping – There have been an increase in the number of incidents particularly over the Christmas period. The Councillors discussed CCTV for the village to identify the culprits of both these acts and the burglaries. The Councillors did not have a full understanding of the rights of the Parish Council to set up CCTV but quoted that towns and cities had systems.

Action: Clerk to investigate and report at next meeting
The recycling centre in Alresford now requires users to register their vehicles to access the facility. It

was agreed that this is likely to increase the amount of fly tipping.

Litter picking – the community gets together once a year to pick litter from the roadside. It was agreed that it would take place on the weekend of the 14th/15th March and Councillor Wykeman would head up the event. The Clerk agreed to speak to Hampshire County Council about access to the equipment required and about disposal of the bags of waste.

Action: Clerk to liaise with Councillor Wykeman

Water pipeline – The Parish Councillors have been informed of a plan to support Southampton in periods of extreme drought by pumping water from bore holes to the east of Basingstoke overland to the River Itchen. The water would be pumped along 500 mm black or blue pipes, which would be laid above ground along the edges of fields and verges. The system would be tested with the pipeline constructed in early 2020 and then dismantled and the pipes stored in Northington. Where a road crossing is required the pipe would be put under the road and these sections would be permanent. A hard standing 30mx30m would be created a future pumping station.

Action: Chairman to consult locally about opposing the implementation of this plan.

7. Date of the next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 24th March at 7pm

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