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General Data Protection Regulation 25th May 2018 (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation acquires statutory force on 25 May 2018.  You are probably well aware of this fact and have as a consequence been flooded with letters and emails from institutions which hold data on you.  Northington Parish Council keeps a list of addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers (in some cases) so this puts us squarely within the remit of the Act.  The Council is obliged to tell you that we hold data on you and to give you the chance to have it deleted.

At its Annual Meeting on 15 May 2018, the Parish agreed that the Council should put its full statement on the Parish website and send a synopsis to everyone.  The  synopsis, which will also be on the website, is attached below.”Parish Privacy Notice – SynopsisParish Privacy Notice – Long Version

Parish Clerk – Thank you Rhona, welcome Alex

As many of you already know, Rhona Hatchley is moving on from her role as Parish Clerk. Over the last five years Rhona has shown professional and unwavering dedication to her responsibilities as Clerk and her attention to detail, thoroughness and accuracy is a by-word. She has served our entire community superbly well. The Parish Councillors wish to thank Rhona on everyone’s behalf.

Alex Risebury is taking up the reins from Rhona. We are grateful to her and welcome her most warmly.

Alex is contactable for parish council matters on

John Mitchell
Chairman, Northington Parish Council