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Minutes – 21st September 2021


Date: Tuesday, 21st September 2021 Time: 7:30 pm

Venue: Northington Village Hall

Present: John Mitchell Chairman
Dennis Nye
Yvonne White
Melissa Jennings
Juliet Blanshard
Wendy Simson Clerk
Cllr Margot Power

Apologies: Cllr Fiona Issacs
Cllr Jackie Porter
Cllr Russell Gordon-Smith

1. Welcome and apologies for absence.
The Chairman thanked everyone for attending the meeting. The Clerk had received apologies from Cllrs Porter, Issacs and Gordon-Smith.
The Chairman apologised to Cllr Power for the confusion about the meeting start time.

2. Minutes of the last meeting
The Councillors reviewed minutes for the meeting on 20th July 2021 and agreed them as a true representation of the meeting. The Clerk will provide a copy for the Chairman to sign.

3. Matters arising
The planning application for 101 The Grange is on the agenda to discuss later.
The Councillors agreed that public funds should not be used for a memorial for Lord Ashburton.
The tractor drivers reported at the last meeting as driving recklessly, were investigated and found to be from out of the area and contracted in for harvest.

4. Broadband Update
Councillor Nye gave his report. The Broadband project is progressing albeit slowly.

1. Cllr Nye eventually received permission from both Lord Ashburton and Ian Cammack for land surveys by Openreach. This is to determine whether an element of self-dig can create a more economical way forward.
Cllr Nye has confirmed to on 8 Aug 21, he has not yet heard if they have taken any action. Meanwhile Cllr Nye has sent an email to landowners on 17 Sep 21 asking if Openreach has contacted them.

2. Cllr Nye met Dudley Rees of Gigabeam on 26 July. They are the providers of Microwave broadband to the Grange estate. Gigabeam favour Microwave + cabled solutions rather than Microwave + Wireless. Wireless has to be line-of-sight and will not offer Gigabit speeds.

See attached Questions and Answers document.

Dudley Rees is talking about a Northington site visit in October (See attached).
Next step will be the proposed October site visit, which may require church tower access that Cllr Nye will coordinate with Peter Lamb.

3. Cllr Nye has registered Northington’s scheme with BDUK. Probably a duplication, but it is better not to leave anything to chance.

5. District Councillors Report
Cllr Power had sent a report prior to the meeting as had Cllr Issacs.
Cllr Power updated the Parish Council that Hampshire County Council were looking at budget cuts and a number of changes were planned, these include:
• The recycling centre in Alresford will not be closed but will be open a limited number of days. The booking system will continue.
• The Lengthsman Scheme will not be continued after the end of the current financial year.
• Hampshire County Council will take back responsibility for on street parking in Alresford.
Cllr Power agreed to send the Parish Council a link to the papers giving full details of the changes planned.
Action: Clerk to circulate to Cllrs
There was some discussion of using NPC funds to continue with the Lengthsman facility. The upshot was general support for this option.

6. Planning Applications
The Parish Council had received an application for:
• 101 Grange Park Northington (21/01536/HOU) for a new vehicular field access. The Parish Council noted concerns about the lines of sight for the new access and also the use of this new exit. It also noted that HCC’s Highways Department had given their approval. Due to the volume of concerns raised the application will go to Planning Committee.
The Chairman noted that Mrs Brooke and Ms Rutherford had made representations opposing this application. They had said that NPC should reconsider its support for this application. The Chairman said that NPC’s support was strictly limited to ancillary use. The Council decided not to revise its decision to approve the application.

The Parish Council also discussed a presentation made by Southern Water on 8 September about the proposed pipeline. There had been a presentation followed by questions. The meeting noted that SW now plans to bury the pipeline along its entire length. Burial near houses is welcome. The meeting’s attention focussed on a new aspect of the plan, namely the establishment of enhanced pumping facilities at SW’s site in Totford. There was some uncertainty as to whether the new pump(s) would be powered by electricity from the grid or by electricity derived from diesel generators. NPC noted that action would be needed to ensure that noise levels did not exceed current ambient noise levels. SW undertook to provide clarity on this point. SW will host a public meeting the next day, Wednesday 22nd September, at Northington Village Hall between 3:30pm and 8pm. Residents have been informed by village email and encouraged to attend and ask any questions. The Councillors agreed that it would be useful to have at least one PC member at the meeting to hear what was said and to pick up any points of concern in the parish

7. Clerk’s financial statement
The Clerk informed Councillors that the following payments had been made:
• Clerk’s salary (Jul to Sept) – £250
• The remaining 50% of the precept had also been received at £2,250.00
A copy of the updated financial statement was circulated along with the agenda and show a current balance of £8,314.75.
The Clerk informed Councillors that the Conclusion of Audit had been received from the External Auditors which needed to be posted on both the website and the notice board.
Action: Clerk to provide word version for Cllr Jennings to put on website
Action: Clerk to provide Cllr White a hard copy for the noticeboards.

8. Lengthsman duties
The visits for 2021/22 have been booked in for:
• 13th December
• 14th February
The Councillors agreed to look into buying the Lengthsman services if the scheme is cancelled by HCC. It was agreed to review at the next meeting once the Lengthsman has been informed of the decision.
Cllr Jennings had asked the Lengthsman about painting the sign at the crossroad at the top of Kite’s Hill. The Lengthsman had informed the Council that this would be more than a half day job and that paint would need to be charged back to the Council. It was agreed that a price for the work be requested from the Lengthsman as the work could be done later in the year when there were fewer jobs to be carried out.
Action: Cllr Jennings to get a price and circulate to Councillors.

9. General Correspondence
There is to be a memorial service for Lord Ashburton on 15th October at Winchester Cathedral.

10. Any other business

1. Date of the next meeting

The next Parish Council meeting will be on Tuesday, 16th November 2021 at 7.00 pm.

The meeting ended at 8.45 pm.

Agenda for Meeting on 21st September 2021

Northington Parish Council
Regular Meeting in Northington & Swarraton Village Hall
7:30pm on Tuesday, 21st September 2021.

Welcome by the Chairman and apologies for absence.

1. Minutes of the last meeting held on 20th July 2021.

2. Matters arising

3. Broadband update

4. District Councillor Reports

5. Planning application
1. 101 The Grange (21/01536/HOU)
2. Southern Water Pipeline

6. Clerk/Financial report
Bank account
1. Clerk’s salary (Jul – Sept) – £250
2. Remaining 50% of precept – £2,250.00

7. Lengthsman dates for 2021/22
• 10th September – review
• 13th December
• 14th February

8. General correspondence

9. Any Other Business

10. Date of next meeting
• Tuesday 16th November at 7:00pm

Minutes – 18th May 2021





Date:                Tuesday, 18th May 2021                                                            Time:   7:30 pm


Venue:             Northington Village Hall


Present:      John Mitchell                                                                            Chairman

Dennis Nye

Yvonne White

Melissa Jennings

Juliet Blanshard

Wendy Simson                                                                          Clerk


Apologies:        Cllr Margot Power

Cllr Jackie Porter

Cllr Russell Gordon-Smith


  1. Welcome and apologies for absence.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending the meeting, which was being held in person following the changes to Government guidance on 7th May. The Chairman asked whether everyone was comfortable being together and explained that if required a Zoom call could be set up to allow any members to join remotely. The Chairman noted that only Councillors present are able to vote on resolutions. .  Those present were happy to continue at the meeting.


The Clerk had received apologies from Cllrs Power and Porter.


  1. Election of Chairman

The Clerk explained that the Council is required to elect the Chairman each year. Councillor Mitchell confirmed that he was prepared to stand again, and the remaining Councillors confirmed that they did not wish to stand. Councillor Nye proposed Councillor Mitchell and Councillor Jennings seconded the nomination. The full Council voted to approve Councillor Mitchell’s re-election.


  1. Co-option of Juliet Blanshard to the Parish Council

The Chairman welcomed Juliet to the meeting and thanked her for agreeing to become a Councillor. Juliet said that she was happy to be co-opted and the Councillors approved her appointment.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting

The Councillors reviewed minutes for the meeting on 16th March 2021 and agreed them as a true representation of the meeting. The Clerk will provide a copy for the Chairman to sign.


  1. Broadband upgrade

The Chairman asked Councillor Nye to update the Council on the project to bring faster broadband to the village. The email (below) dated 6th May was sent to all residents:


“In January, Bill Wykeham wrote to you all about Northington Parish Council’s (NPC) work towards bringing Gigabit broadband to Northington households.

On offer was the possibility of £1,500 in government voucher funding (BDUK) matched by a further £1,500 from Hampshire County Council (HCC).  In spite of this level of subsidy, the additional cost per Northington household was then estimated to be about £1,700.

Central government subsequently decided to split rural broadband rollout into two phases.  Northington was placed in phase two, starting on 1 April 2021.    In mid April HCC put a hold on further funding, leaving it to the new HCC administration to decide the issue.  Were we to lose the HCC money, then the currently estimated cost per household will increase to about £3,200.  The prospects for further HCC funds do not look good.

Separately, BDUK also has an initiative to fund and deliver FTTP to 80,000 outlying Hampshire homes with commercial activities starting in June 2021.  As an early applicant, there is a glimmer of hope that Northington will be included.  Work will go out to tender by suppliers, with contracts awarded early in 2022 and deployment over the following 12 months.  This would be a scheme fully funded by central government and not dependent on vouchers.  At this moment we cannot tell whether or not we shall be included.  This will only be apparent when bidding is complete, and contracts awarded.

Our reading of the current situation suggests that we will probably not be a part of this second round of BDUK deployment.

Ultimately the parish should receive Gigabit broadband as BDUK is tasked with rolling out high speed broadband access in rural areas.   The BDUK ‘s wider vision is for gigabit speed to reach 85% of UK premises by the end of 2025.

The Parish Council will continue to engage with Openreach to secure a realistic rather than speculative quotation for deployment and, in concert with other villages, we shall lobby HCC and our county councillors to try to secure the subsidies we need.

Councillor Nye said he had received an email today with maps showing where the cables will run and detailing which will be laid underground. These maps are not accurate and so Councillor Nye and the Chairman will review them before they respond to the email.


The Chairman thanked   Councillor Nye for the work he has done so far on this project and asked that the minutes should record these thanks.


  1. Covid19 update

There have been no reports of Covid19 illness in the community and the move to step 3 of the roadmap has meant that the Woolpack has reopened to customers eating and drinking inside.


  1. District Councillors Report

Councillor Porter had sent a report, which the Clerk had circulated in advance of the meeting.



  1. Planning Applications

The Parish Council received an application for Lawn Cottage (21/00945/LIS) for the following work:

  1. Replacement of plastic rainwater goods with aluminium
  2. Replacement of casement windows in original lodge with arched mullion windows, as seen in historic photographs and exampled in one remaining original window
  3. Replacement of wooden casement windows in extension with wooden casement windows with amended bar design
  4. Replacement of wooden lounge doors with similar but amended bar design
  5. Replacement of wooden kitchen doors with similar but amended bar design in widened aperture

The Councillors raised no objections to the work.


  1. Clerk’s financial statement

The Clerk informed Councillors that the year-end accounts had been completed and were included in the paperwork circulated prior to the meeting. The closing balance on the account was £6,516.77 and Paul Clarke has agreed to conduct the internal audit work required.

The Council signed off the Annual Governance Statement as part of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) and the Chairman signed off the completed return. The Clerk had prepared the notices for display in both noticeboards giving the public the opportunity to view the accounts.

Two invoices have been received for payment:

  • Hampshire Association of Local Council (HALC) subscription – £170.37
  • Insurance – £580.11

The Clerk informed Councillors that the insurance had increased from £352.36 in 2020/21, a 65% increase. The Clerk had questioned this with Came & Co, the broker, and been given the following response:

The insurance market is hardening, bringing increased premiums and tightening of terms. The inevitable long term result of legacy soft market conditions is that claims costs rise compared to premiums, reducing insurers’ underwriting profitability. This can be caused by a number of factors, including; falling investment returns for insurers due to low interest rates, increases in frequency or severity of losses, EU & regulatory intervention deemed to be against the interests of insurers and increased reinsurance costs. Today we are well into the hardening market across most insurance lines, effecting the majority of sectors with Insurance experts predicting conditions will continue throughout 2021, further exacerbated by COVID-19 and other issues. We are, as we have always done, continually reviewing and assessing our insurance provision. When we have concluded this exercise, during the next quarter, we will be making the sector and our clients aware of how we will be launching an improved solution to manage the insurance needs of local councils going forward.

We understand increasing premiums are of concern. Should the council receive alternative terms that appear more competitive, please allow us the opportunity to review in order to ensure policy cover remains as required by your Council, and to further negotiate where possible with our insurers.


The Clerk had attended the HALC conference in 2020 and met a representative from BHIB Councils Insurance, who have been asked for an alternative quote.

Action: Clerk to keep Councillors informed of progress

Action: Clerk to pay HALC membership


  1. Lengthsman duties

The visits for 2021/22 have been booked in for:

  • 19th May
  • 28th July
  • 10th September
  • 13t December
  • 14th February

An email has been sent to all residents asking about areas requiring work.  The grips on Kite’s Hill are one of the main priorities, as recent heavy rain has almost caused a Keeper’s Cottage to flood .

Councillors Jennings and Blanshard are meeting the Lengthsman at 12:30 on 19th May to look at the work needed, and it was agreed that giving a short list and asking for work to be completed thoroughly was the right approach.


  1. General Correspondence

The Mayor of Winchester sent an invitation to the Sunday Service at Winchester Cathedral on Sunday 6th June.   Councillor White agreed to attend to represent the Parish Council.


  1. Any other business

The Clerk distributed the Disclosable Pecuniary Interests’ form and asked Councillors to complete and return.


  1. Date of the next meeting


The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Tuesday 6th July 2021 at 7.00pm

The next Parish Council meeting will be on Tuesday, 20th July 2021 at 7.00 pm.


  1. Start times for Regular Meetings

Henceforth Regular Meetings will start at 7.00 pm.


The meeting ended at 8.45 pm.


Signed:  ……………………………………………………………………  (John Mitchell, Chairman)

Dated: 20th July 2021


AGM 2019 Draft Minutes


Swarraton and Northington Village Hall

7.30pm on Tuesday, 14th of May 2019


Present:                 John Mitchell (JM, Chairman)

Adam Dyne (AD)

Yvonne White (YW)

Melissa Jennings (JM)

Alexandra Risebury (AR, Clerk)

14 residents


Apologies:            Margot Power (MP, Councillor)

Jackie Porter (JP, Councillor)

Lisa Griffith (LG, Councillor)

Elaine Capp (EC)



The Chairman welcomed all present.


1) Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes of last year’s annual meeting held on the 15th of May 2018 were circulated to all present.

Adoption of the minutes was proposed by Peter Lamb and seconded by Jo Bowlby. The Chairman signed them.



2) Matters arising

  1. a) JM expressed his thanks to the Village Hall committee and all that they do for the village.
  2. b) In September 2018 Simon Walker stood down from the Parish Council to meet the demands of a new job. Northington Parish is heavily indebted to him for all his expert pro bono work on our website. Simon frequently supplied timely common sense to the Council’s debates. JM thanked for his contributions.
  3. c) Dennis Nye has very kindly agreed to fill the vacancy and was warmly welcomed. Dennis has already been busy on Council matters, displaying an impressive eye for detail.
  4. d) On the 2nd May the Council was returned to office unopposed. JM thanked everyone. Over the past few years, the Parish has welcomed several new families. Perhaps among their number, there may be one or two people who would like to become Parish Councillors. Please get in touch with the Parish Council.


  1. Chairman’s report

The Act came into force on 25th May 2018, so the Parish Council is now the body overseeing its local implementation.  The curator of the data is our Clerk, Alex, who works alongside a Councillor, in our case Melissa Jennings. Melissa is happy to answer any questions.


JM said that his report is not the place to catalogue every planning application, which crosses the Council’s desks.  Of interest, perhaps, was a successful application to provide tourist accommodation.  Of note, however, was an appearance in the local press of the SHEELA list of sites for possible development?  JM said he would to defer further comment on SHEELA to Item 6 on the agenda.


The Grange Festival’s second season was a treat and it is good to see the Festival pursuing its ‘Open Door’ policy with vigour.  The Festival’s plans to let young people engage with opera in the making are exciting.  We are looking forward to the dress rehearsals in June.


We have a new Lengthsman but to get the best out of him, we need your help.  Adam Dyne will speak about this at Item 4.

  1. V) B3046

Cars are continuing to speed along our roads and NPC struggles to persuade Hampshire County Council to implement reduced speed limits.

We have looked into installing flashing speed signs on the B3046. But in the end the cost was likely to be excessive and the facility would be available only at intervals.  At last year’s AGM there was cogent argument that flashing lights were inappropriate in our rural setting.  We have accepted this view. We have had HCC officials here three times and have paid for speed monitoring on Northington Hill.  Yvonne White will report.


Elaine Capp continues to look after our interests and asked JM to pass on a reminder about the need for vigilance with regard to telephone and computer scams. Thank you, Elaine.


JM thanked his fellow councillors on the residents’ behalf for their work for the parish.

Yvonne keeps more than an eye on B3046 matters.  Apart from dealing with HGV problems.  Yvonne and Alex have been very actively pursuing WCC’s Highways Department over the matter of potholes and signs.

Adam’s organisational skills and charisma are legendary. He has had to usher in a new Lengthsman, do battle with BT over the ‘phone box and get us out with our black sacks for village clean-ups.  Thank you.

Melissa is safeguarding our data and its use and she keeps SSE up to the mark on coping in a crisis.  The jargon is Resilience.

Dennis has already been mentioned and will report later.

Alex tells us about things that need to be done and the parameters within which we can do them.  She also keeps our accounts in order.  It’s a busy job and the Council would not function as well as it does without Alex’s hard work.

JM thanked the management of the Woolpack Inn for allowing the Parish Council to use their private dining room for meetings.  This makes a huge difference on a cold winter evening.


  1. Lengthsman/Village upkeep

AD reported that the 2019 Village clean-up saw its best turn out so far and we are still pulling rubbish out. In his view a once a year clean-up is sufficient.

NPC has been allocated a new Lengthsman, who has provided AD with a huge list of work he can carry out. Should we require him for work not listed or extra time, NPC will be charged. Some of the works he has carried out so far were cleaning signs, cutting back overgrowths, litter picking and painting the bench by the church. AD thinks that we are currently not utilising the Lengthsman’s time to best advantage.  He urged residents to inform AD of any issues and ideally provide him with photographic evidence, so he can instruct the Lengthsman.

The phone box in Northington is currently out of order again. BT will remove the phone box but we have missed this year’s removal date. A broken glass panel has been reported but AD unsure about its repair. BT requires HCC’s permission to remove the phone box.

AD also made residents aware about the reporting/logging of potholes. This can be done either through Hampshire County Council’s website or via The website links with HCC and is very user friendly. JM also urged to inform AR about any reports.


  1. B3046

YW reported that as a result of pestering HCC, the B3046 was covered with new tarmac in April. Pothole reports take a long time and need a lot of chasing. If a pothole damages a car’s tyre(s) and the pothole has already been reported, the repair/replacement of the tyre can be claimed from HCC.

The speed survey report at Northington Hill in November 2018 showed that the average speed was below 45 mph.   NPC have met HCC officials. The officers noted that Northington Hill has no reported injuries or incidents in the last 5 years. NPC went back to HCC and managed to achieve the installation of new 30mph road signs at either end of the hill. Three further roundel speed limit signs will be placed along the hill.  The work is expected to be carried out in summer 2019.

Two accidents have occurred on the B3046 near the Grange entrance corner and the police have been involved. HCC inspected the site and, although there is no further scope for road signs/warnings installed, HCC will install some reflective lettering and the area prone to flooding will be cleared.

NPC and HCC also visited Kites Hill. Unfortunately there is no prospect of speed changes. YW reassured residents that NPC will keep an eye on local road issues.

JM noted that it had been useful to walk Northington Hill with Patrick Barber and Peter Lamb in the first instance. JM also noted that roundels painted on the road itself were inappropriate to the location because they can pose danger for cyclists and also their appearance is rather sub-urban.

YW said that NPC has built up a list names for officials at HCC, – a resource improves reaction time.


  1. Planning applications (SHEELA, Grange Estate)

Dennis Nye reported that Northington Parish Council (NPC) has become aware of a planning matter, which is of potential interest to the whole Parish.

On 6 December 2018, the Hampshire Chronicle published a list of possible building sites identified under the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA).  This listing was in response to a central government requirement that councils identify possible development sites.  The exercise with a deadline of 08 April 2018 produced a long list of sites submitted by landowners and developers.  It was narrowed down to a final list, which came to the notice of NPC through publication in the Hampshire Chronicle on 6 December 2018.  One of the sites on the list is SHELAA Site NO01, located in the Grange Park.

The Grange Park itself has a Grade II* listing as a Historic Park and Garden and this special status was used recently by the Grange Estate to secure planning permission for the new aesthetic driveway to the Grange.  Located in the Park, Site NO01 sits across an active fauna corridor, which includes bat roosts.  NPC is concerned that the Grange Estate’s plan to sell land to developers for housing will erode the Park’s special status.

Against this background, NPC expressed its concerns to Winchester City Council (WCC) and then applied for a Tree Preservation Order to protect the affected woodland.  After a visit from two planning officers, a provisional TPO was granted, although it has now run up against the existence of a prior Forestry Commission work plan.

NPC has been aware for some time that the Grade II listed buildings at Home Farm on the Grange Estate are in need of repair.  On 26 March there was a meeting in the Village Hall called at the Estate’s request.  It attracted a turnout of some 40 residents.  The Grange Estate described current plans to convert the farm into an hotel and conference centre.  The Estate said that they planned to raise funds by using ‘Enabling Development’ legislation to sell site NO01with planning permission for 3 houses.  Residents noted that the published SHELAA listing actually allows for 29 dwellings.

At the meeting on 26 March it emerged that Enabling Development legislation specifies that the necessary ‘heritage gain’ must be unachievable by ‘other means’.  It seems that the Grange Estate has also registered other SHELAA sites, including one in Alresford with potential for 68 houses.  The question arose whether or not the Alresford site might be considered to be ‘other means’.  There is a legal precedent for such an alternative solution.

NPC is aware of the pressing need to reinstate Home Farm and of the costs involved.  Both NPC and a seemingly unanimous view of the 26 March meeting participants is that these costs should not in part be met by sacrificing the woodlands.

Some residents were not averse to the hotel/conference concept, although concerns were voiced at the potential disturbance from those using the facility.  There was, however, wide support for a scheme providing housing and/or rural employment, as endorsed in the existing Parish Plan.

So far NPC has received no notification of an application to start work on the Home Farm scheme nor of an application for planning permission to build on Site NO01.

Lucy Williams asked for the background to the Forestry Commission work plan and the provisional TPO. DN said he would look into the matter and provide clarification.


  1. Clerk’s report

AR presented the final financial figures for the NPC for the year 2018/19. NPC’s precept for 2018/19 remained unchanged because the figures showed that the precept has been sufficient to our needs, with an underspend of £516.50.

The speed survey at Northington Hill has been paid by NPC and was covered by the non-budgeted outgoings (£200).

Last year SAAA (Smaller Authorities’ Audit Appointments Ltd) has appointed PKF Littlejohn as our new external auditors. Since NPC’s income is less than £25k per annum, the account is exempt from inspection by the external auditor and NPC can apply for an exemption certificate. The internal audit has to take place as in previous years and all forms have to be completed and the audit report can be reviewed (notice will be on the Parish’s notice board). All documents will remain in the hands of NPC. AR communicated directly with PKF Littlejohn for confirmation.

Adoption of the accounts was proposed by Belinda Mitchell and seconded by Bill Wickham.

AR holds consultation documents for the Winchester Local Plan 2036. If anyone wishes to make comments, please contact AR. Comments need to be submitted individually by 21st September 2019.

Philippa Pellereau has now stepped down as Chair of the Village Hall Committee Henceforth AR , as the new Data Curator, will hold the e-mail list for all residents and will circulate important notices. DN offered his support to create 2 e-mail block lists for Village Hall related and NPC related information.

  1. YW thanked JM for his chairmanship of the Council and those present endorsed her comment.
  2. Any other business

There was no further business.


The meeting ended at 20.25.





AR 22/05/2019

Minutes – 16th March 2021





Date:                Tuesday, 16th March 2021                                             Time:   7:00 pm to 8.25 pm


Venue:             Via Zoom


Present:           John Mitchell                    Chairman

Dennis Nye

Yvonne White

Melissa Jennings

Wendy Simson                         Clerk


Apologies:        Cllr Margot Power

Cllr Jackie Porter

Cllr Russell Gordon-Smith


  1. Welcome and apologies for absence.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending the meeting, held online due to lockdown restrictions.


  1. Resignation of Councillor

The Chairman noted with regret the resignation of Councillor Wykeham.  Bill had played key roles for the Parish Council in the Lengthsman Scheme, Covid-19 food supplies and the Annual Litter Pick.   He had made progress with Openreach on the provision of FTTP.  His support of the community had been constant and unstinting and the Council wishes to thank him for all he has done for Northington.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting

The Councillors reviewed minutes for the meeting on 19th January 2021, they were agreed as a true representation of the meeting and the Clerk will provide a copy for the Chairman to sign.


  1. Matters arising


  1. a) Garden Waste BinsThe information about ordering bins has been circulated.


  1. b) Highway’s meeting – Councillor White said that the planned meeting could not be arranged due to the Covid19 restrictions, however, she has been in contact with the Highways team about the following issues:
  • Kites Hill, the work will require the road to be closed which will be planned for the summer.
  • Grange Entrance, this involves renewing the road markings.
  • Replacing the bollards on the B3046

Councillor White will keep Councillors up to date.


  1. c) Laptop Donations for Preston Candover Primary School – Councillor White said that 7 laptops and a PC were donated.  The laptops had been taken to Preston Candover and the desktop to Sun Hill School in Alresford. Another PC was donated but Sun Hill did not need this, so it will be recycled. The school in Preston Candover had sent a letter of thanks to those who had donated computers and an extract had been circulated to residents.


  1. Covid19 update

There have been no reports of illness in the community and many residents have had their vaccination.

The Government guidelines about Parish Council meetings expire on 7th May and the Government are not looking to extend them. This means that from that date, Council meetings will need to be quorate, whilst still allowing vulnerable Councillors to  join remotely. Only Councillors present at the meeting will be able to vote on any issues. Any members of the public wishing to attend the meetings should do so virtually.

Action: Clerk to investigate booking either the village hall or dining room at the Woolpack Inn for the next meeting.


  1. Planning Applications

There have been no planning applications.


  1. District Councillors Reports

Councillor Porter sent the March report through during the meeting, and this has been circulated to Councillors. Any questions should be directed to the Clerk.


  1. Clerk’s statement

The Clerk informed Councillors that the January to March salary has been paid along with the Zoom contract purchased at a cost of £119.00 plus VAT. An invoice for two sets of defibrillator pads has been received at a cost of £87.60.

All payments were approved by the Councillors.

The Parish Council is carrying £6,429 into 2021/22.

Action: Clerk to organise internal audit.


  1. Lengthsman duties

The most recent Lengthsman’s visit was on 3rd March, which was handled by Bill Wykeham.

The visits for 2021/22 have been booked in for:

  • 19th May
  • 28th July
  • 10th September
  • 13t December
  • 14th February

Councillor Jennings agreed to look after the Lengthsman’s visits and agree on the work to be carried out.


The Lengthsman’s contact details are:

Name: RP Gardening Services


Mobile: 07786 223333

The list of suggested work, which may be carried out by the Lengthsman and the Highways Team are:


Examples of work areas covered by the Parish Lengths Man.

(Mostly related to maintenance, but new work can be undertaken as appropriate).


§  Grips

§  Localised ditching

§  Cleaning channels

§  Rodding of pipes (off highway)

Signs excluding street name plates (including reflector posts):

§  Cleaning

§  Minor repairs

§  Speed Limit Reduction sign relocation

Highway Minor Works:

§  Removal of soil/detritus

§  Cutting back vegetation overhanging the road or footway

§  Clearing footways of weeds/moss

§  Removing vegetation from parapets or fences.

§  Highway grass strimming around posts

§  Reporting defects


§  Sweeping

§  Litter clearance

§  Removal of flyposting

§  Land drainage (not highway)

§  Graffiti/unauthorised sign removal

§  Street name plates cleaning and repair

§  Repair of street furniture including litter bins, benches, bus stops.

§  Reporting



§  Maintain public open spaces.

§  Maintain public rights of way.

§  Maintain play areas.

§  Maintain playing fields.

§  Maintain associated fences, styles etc.

§  Acting as eyes and ears for the community having regard to vulnerable parishioners and anti-social behaviour such as noise, car crime etc.

§  Reporting


The funding for the Lengthsman Scheme is generated from Hampshire County Council with 25% due to be allocated for work on Rights of Way projects.

The Councillors asked if collapsed verges could be repaired by the Lengthsman, were the Parish Council to pay for the materials to fill the holes.

Action: Councillors Jennings to contact Lengthsman and ask about verge work.



  1. Any other business


a). The Grange – The Grange Festival (TGF) gave a presentation on 3 March about development plans at the Grange.  Future plans include re-tarmacking the access road from the Grange’s East Gate.   This proposal has raised concerns among nearby residents. The Chairman said that he had spoken to Michael Moody, the Chief Operation Officer of TGF, and had been told that the Grange Estate wanted the surface to be more rustic/friable.


b).  Damaged Bridge.  Repairs to the bridge will start this month.


TGF will continue to offer tickets at reduced prices to ensure accessibility to all.


c).  New Councillor – The Council discussed a number of options to fill the vacancy.

Action: Chairman to speak to take the matter further.


d).  Annual Litter Pick – Councillor White reminded the Councillors that the litter pick is planned for the weekend of 20th/21st March. The Clerk had kindly persuaded Alton Town Council to lend NPC litter grabbers and high Visibility vests.  Councillor White will oversee the allocation of road among volunteers.


e).  Broadband update – Councillor Nye has agreed to oversee this project and will speak to Councillor Porter about some of the unanswered questions regarding Openreach. NPC agreed, if required, to involve Steve Brine, our local MP, in the discussions.


All Councillors agree that setting up a legal entity to handle the money for the cable work r was not an appropriate solution.  The Chairman said that he was against the Parish Council taking on this role and the attendant liabilities.


  1. Date of the next meeting


The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 18th May 2021 at 7.00 pm, perhaps in the Woolpack Inn, but a decision on the location will depend on Covid-19 developments.


Minutes – 21st January 2021

Date: Tuesday, 19th January 2021

Venue:  Via Zoom

Present:  Chairman:  John Mitchell

Dennis Nye, Bill Wykeham, Yvonne White, Cllr Margot Power

Clerk:  Wendy Simson

Apologies:  None

Absent:  Melissa Jennings

Time:  7:00 pm to 8.00 pm

1. Welcome and apologies for absence.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending the meeting, held online due to lockdown restrictions. The meeting was held on Zoom which the Councillors felt worked well and agreed to continue using this platform in the future.
The Chairman noted with sadness the recent death of Paddy Barber, who had been supporter of the Council and a regular participant at AGMs.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

The Councillors reviewed minutes for the meeting on 17th November 2020, they were agreed as a true representation of the meeting and the Clerk will provide a copy for the Chairman to sign.

3. Matters arising

Broadband update – Councillor Wykeham reported that communication with BT Openreach was sporadic, which made progress slow. There are several unanswered questions including the cost per


household. The most recent quote is higher than the initial one, despite more homes being added to the list. 40 of the 118 houses have expressed an interest but it appears some properties which initially expressed an interest have not responded to the most recent request for information, so number are likely to be higher.

Councillor Nye offered to send out an email to all residents to remind them to respond about getting involved but Councillor Wykeham suggested that he needed to get answers from Openreach before going back to residents.

Councillor Power asked for the full list of questions, so they can be forwarded to Glenn Peacey at Hampshire County Council, where he is in charge of the FFTP roll-out and finances. Councillor Power also confirmed that the grants would continue to be offered beyond 31st March 2021.
Action: Councillor Wykeham to send the list of those who have signed up to the Chairman

Action: Councillor Wykeham to send the list of questions to Councillor Power

4. Covid19 update

Some residents have been for the first Covid19 injections. There appears to be no issues in the community.

5. Planning Applications

Swarraton House (20/02650/HOU) – the Councillors had no objections to the plans; this position was relayed to the WCC Planning Team.

6. District Councillors Reports

Councillor Power reminded the Council that the bins for garden waste (brown bins) were available to purchase at £45 each or for those who used a bag, new brown version at £39. Garden waste will only be collected from one of these receptacles from 1st February.
Action: Councillor White and Clerk to word message informing residents.

7. Clerk’s statement

The Clerk informed Councillors that the Oct to Dec salary has been paid and the only outstanding payment for the remainder of 2020/21 was the Clerk’s salary for Jan to Mar, so the predicted balance for the close of the 2020/21 financial year was due to be £6,661 (opening balance was £5,587, £1,074 up).

The budget was agreed. It includes:
Internal Audit £50 Insurance £380 PAYE £200 Clerk’s salary £800 Grant to Church for maintenance £600 Grant to Village Hall for maintenance £1,000 HALC subscription £175 Defib pads £47 Hall hire £120 Total £3,372

The predicted year-end figure for the cash holding at the close of 2021/22 is £7,789. This is almost twice the precept and above the expected levels.

The budgets for 2021/22 were discussed and it was agreed that the precept should remain at £4,500.

Action: Councillors to look at projects to support within the community.
Action: Clerk to complete precept request and return to Winchester City Council

8. Lengthsman duties

The most recent Lengthsman’s visit was on 8th December and the grips were cleared but Councillor Wykeham questioned the effectiveness of this activity, as they fill with silt after the next downpour. As Keeper’s Cottage on Kites’ Hill is badly affected by the downpours of rain and the water travelling down the hill, has sandbags to divert water away from the property. This water should be directed off the road by the grips but because this silt up so quickly they are not effective.

A meeting was due to take place with Steve Pellatt from Hampshire Highways but there had been no response. Councillor White agreed to contact Tristan Kestle, who is the engineer for Northington from the Highways Team.

Action: Councillor White to email Highways contact The next Lengthsman visit is planned for 3rd March.

9. Any other business

Donated laptops for Schools

Councillor White reported that several old laptops and tablets had been donated along with a pledge of cash. The school at Preston Candover has the facility to wipe the device and install the up-to-date software and has asked that one delivery be made to the school to reduce contamination. Councillor Power asked that any laptops, which were too old for the Preston Candover IT team to use, be passed onto one of the Primary Schools in Alresford. Cllr Power said that old machines are being cannibalised to repair newer machines.

Kymani Glamping at the Grange

The Grange Estate are planning to allow a Glamping site with 20 tents/yurts and a maximum of 40 people, though the uptake is more likely to be 20 The site will be in woods to the south of the Estate, well away from paths used by local resident. The project will run between 2nd June and 27th July and is the permitted under the 28 days of events rule. Councillor Power wondered if the Environmental Health authorities should be told of the event.

10. Date of the next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 16th March 2021 at 7.00 pm, perhaps in the Woolpack Inn, but a decision on the location will depend on Covid-19 developments.

Minutes – 17th November 2020

Date:  Tuesday, 17th November 2020

Venue:  Via WebEx

Present:  John Mitchell, Chairman

Dennis Nye, Bill Wykeham ,Yvonne White, Melissa Jennings, Cllr Jackie Porter ,Cllr Margot Power

Wendy Simson, Clerk

Apologies:  None

Time: 7:00pm


1. Welcome and apologies for absence


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending the meeting, held online due to lockdown restrictions. It was suggested that the Zoom function may work better for parts of the village, the Clerk has access to a business account and agreed to set up the next meeting.
Action: Clerk to set up Zoom call for next meeting if required

2. Minutes of the last meeting

The Councillors reviewed minutes for the meeting on 22nd September 2020, after minor amendments they were agreed as a true representation of the meeting and the Clerk will provide a copy for the Chairman to sign.

3. Matters arising


Bollard at Grange Corner – the bollards are being authorised but have not yet been put in.

Parish Plan – The Chairman has reviewed the Parish Plan and it is up to date.

Broadband update – Councillor Wykeham has expressed an interest with Openreach and is trying to get feedback. The estimate for the work required is £408,000 and a grant of £1,500 per household has been offered by BT Openreach with Hampshire County Council topping this up to £3,000 (with an extra £500 for businesses). The number of properties included means the cost per household is £4,500.

There are several properties not included within the offer currently but if these homes were added then the cost per home could decrease to about £3,500. Councillor Power offered a piece which had been used in Alresford to explain the benefits of the improved speed.
It was agreed that Councillors Wykeham and Jennings should talk to all residents to identify who is interested and for Councillor Wykeham to follow up with BT Openreach.

Action: Councillors Jennings and Wykeham to report at next meeting. on the extent of parish interest

page1image12665600 page1image12672512


Action: Councillor Wykeham to update Parish Council about BT Openreach information.

Defibrillator – The Clerk confirmed that the defib at the village hall is working again.


4. Covid19 update

The email to all residents has been circulated which explains to those requiring support where and how they can find it.

5. Planning Applications
Southern Water Pipeline – The Chairman had received the following update from Lisa Kirby-Hawkes, Development Planning Manager – Strategic Planning, Hampshire County Council:

“The application was submitted to us back in March. The County Council, alongside the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) jointly issued a Regulation 25 request for further information back at the end of July. Regulation 25 of the EIA Regulations allows us to request further information as part of the EIA process. At the same time, we also requested further areas of clarification. In this letter, we also recommended that that applicant withdraw the application with a view to resubmit due to the level of additional information required.

Following discussions within Southern Water and between all parties in recent months about the application, Southern Water are continuing to considering the most appropriate course of action to take with regard to the two applications, including responding to our advice in the Regulation 25. They have made it clear that the need for the Candover Drought Scheme to be available in anydrought has not changed, and the Scheme is a critical element of Southern Water’s ability to maintain secure supplies to its customers in a drought. As a result, Southern Water need to carefully review the available options for the progression of the Candover Drought Scheme in consultation and engagement with the Environment Agency and Natural England. A request has been made to us to extend the time on the application and both planning authorities have agreed to this until the end of 2020 to enable the consideration of the options, and discussions with the Environment Agency and Natural England to take place. This is subject to a review meeting taking place in early December on progress.

So essentially, we should know a little more on the progression of the application by the end of the year.

Cricket Close House (20/01902/HOU) – The Parish Council responded that “Northington Parish Council has considered this application and has nothing to add or detract from the proposals.”

75 Northington Hill (20/01864/HOU) – The Parish Council responded that “Northington Parish Council has considered this application and has nothing to add or detract from the proposals.”

Feedback from Local Planning Briefing (10th Nov) – The Chairman and Councillor Nye attended and circulated the notes to the Councillors. Councillor Porter informed the Councillors that Winchester City Council has concerns about the plans to create a green belt round the South Downs Park called “The Green Halo”, which could push development into the northern sector of Winchester City Council’s area.

Caravan park at Innersdown Farmhouse on the A33 (20/01969/FUL) – The Chairman noted that this

application was for 58 single story dwellings for the over 55’s and not a caravan park. Councillor Porter explained that this application would require change of use of agricultural land. and WCC planners have opposed the application.

6. Clerk’s statement

The Clerk said that online access to the Nat West Account has now been achieved and that the Nationwide Account has been closed. The r balance from the Nationwide account has been paid into the Nat West account.

The Grants for the Maintenance of the Churchyard (£600) and Village Hall (£1,000) were approved.

Action: Clerk to pay Grants
The Clerk’s salary for October to December is due to be paid in December.

7. Lengthsman duties

The last Lengthsman’s visit was used to ensure all the grips were cleared ready for winter. Councillor Wykeham said that the Lengthsman had noted that some grips were beyond shovel work and he had noted that it would be possible, at Northington PC’s expense, to bring, a digger to clear these grips. Councillor Porter suggested that HCC should clear them, and she would investigate possible dates for the work to be done.

Councillor Wykeman reported that there were 3 pinch points in the village where flooding occurs. Councillor Porter suggested that the Clerk email Steve Pellatt and copy in Tim Lawton and herself to ask for a visit to review flooding and look at long term solutions.
Action: Clerk to email Steve

Councillor Wykeman will email round to all residents to ask what is required for the next visit on 8th December.

8. Any other business

Jantiene Rosenboom of Preston Candover has sent a second update on flood water levels to recipients of her list. It is included as an attachment to these minutes.

page3image12803776 page3image12803968 page3image12804160

If any Councillors do not receive this flood updates and would like to do so, , they should email the Clerk, who will ensure that their names are added to the distribution list

Councillor Porter noted that growbags are an excellent alternative to sandbags.

The Chairman had circulated the certificate which the Mayor of Winchester City Council sent to thank Northington Parish Council for work done throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The Chairman agreed to forward it to the Covid19 Volunteers WhatsApp group.

Councillor Porter informed that Councillors that the A31 outside of Alresford is to be used as a document checking zone for EU bound lorries sailing from Portsmouth. The provision will be put in place from 1st January and will run for at least 6 weeks, while companies become familiar with the correct documentation for travel.

9. Date of the next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 19th January 2021 at 7.00 pm, perhaps in the Village Hall, but a decision on the location will depend on Covid-19 developments.


Appendix 1
This is the second flood update for the Winter 20/21 season – a season which, unchanged from the first update issued on October 5, may see significant challenges insofar flood risk is concerned.

  • As of yesterday afternoon, 02:00PM groundwater in the Preston Candover monitoring borehole reached a level of 95.681m AOD.
  • This represents a rise of 1.6 meters in just over 6 weeks (47 days since October 1, when the recoded level was 94.079 AOD)
  • This is 2.3 meters above the level recorded on the same date last year (93.303m AOD).
  • The level at which cellar flooding commences in Preston Candover is 96.6m AOD; we are

    therefore less than a meter away from possible cellar flooding.


  • Three named storms dominated October, accompanies by frequent bands of frontal rainfall from large Atlantic low-pressure systems brought to the UK on a strong Jet Stream.
  • October 3 saw Storm Alex (we issued the first flood update for this year on October 5)
  • October 18, Storm Barbara
  • October 29, Strom Aiden


  • On October 3, a UK-wide average record rainfall total of 32mm was recorded, making it the wettest day on record for the UK since 1891.
  • October was the fifth wettest October for the UK in a timeseries from 1862.
  • Total October rainfall in Wessex (including Hampshire) was significantly above the 1981-

    2010 average (163%)


  • River flows responded accordingly. River flow of the Itchen was notably high at 151% of the normal range and remains high.
  • As measured by the Borough Bridge gauging station (yesterday afternoon 15 November), just under 100,000m3 is leaving our valley through the Candover Brook each day. To be precise: 97,977,600 litres of water in a single day.


• On October 29, the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) issued a global declaration of a La Niña event, likely to be moderate to strong, with a 90% probability of the event continuing until January 2021. The November 9 advisory states a likely continuation into February- April 2021 of 60%. According to the head of long-range prediction at the UK Met Office: “La Niña has a profound effect on weather across the globe with impacts that extend

across the UK. In late winter, La Niña can drive a shift of the jet stream towards the Poles increasing storminess and heavy rainfall.


  • Communities/PC’s should begin to prepare for a flood event which is likely to have a greater impact than just cellar flooding, and given where we are in the season, may well occur towards the end of this year, which is unusually early.
  • Please note: ‘past forecasts are no guarantee for an equally accurate forecast this year :) BUT, we now know that the Preston Candover borehole water levels have been a reliable indicator of the trigger point for flood events in the Candover Valley.

What has happened so far

• Our Far-End-of-the-Valley correspondent Adam Willmott reported:

  • an unusually early and fast rise in water levels causing the water meadows in Brown Candover become submerged already in early October, never seen like this so early in the year.
  • The Environment Agency thoroughly cleared the Candover Brook between the B3046/Bryces Lane junction and Totford Pumping Station – from which the entire valley will benefit as the conveyance capacity is greatly increased.
  • A lot of work has already been carried out under riparian ownership responsibility, for which thank you. Any outstanding matters will be communicated/coordinated by Parish.
  • Early liaison has taken place with Highways to keep the Area Team up to date with the local situation. Highways advised:
  • Please do let us know if the riparian ditch clearance programme exposes any issues with highway drainage assets that need our attention. The Area office would certainly investigate any reports of blocked drains, be it gullies or culverts underneath our roads, and arrange for any interim/one-off cleanses, as necessary. (Note: Highways assets are those that run under the road surface and not those next to it – see explanation in the first flood update).

• Flood related incidents involving blocked highways assets (drains, gullies, culverts) can be reported by

o by sending in issues with clear locations to
o It is essential to ensure that each issue is logged individually to prevent issues being missed.

page5image12806272 page5image12806464

A unique reference number is raised for each enquiry which can be used when asking for updates.

Minutes – 22nd September 2020

Date:  Tuesday, 22nd September 2020

Venue:  Northington Village Hall

Present:  John Mitchell, Chairman

Dennis Nye, Bill Wykeham, Yvonne White, Melissa Jennings, Cllr Russell Gordon-Smith

Wendy Simson, Clerk

Apologies:  Cllr Jackie Porter Cllr Margot Power

Time: 7:00pm


1. Welcome and apologies for absence


Councillors Porter and Power were not able to make the meeting, however Cllr Gordon-Smith attended on Cllr Powers behalf.
The Chairman thanked the Councillors for agreeing to meet in the Village Hall as internet connection quality in the village meant that web-based calls had been tricky. The room had been set out to ensure a 2m gap between each of the attendees.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes for the meeting on 21st July 2020 were agreed as a true representation of the meeting and the Chairman signed.

3. Matters arising
Grass cutting – Councillor Wykeham had written a list of areas to be cut by the Lengthsman and the day prior to the Lengthsman visit Hampshire Highways visited and cut all the areas identified. Councillor Porter was going to speak to HCC about getting a copy of the schedule to stop this happening in the future.
Action: Clerk to chase up with Cllr Porter

page1image13510016 page1image13503104 page1image13509440

Bollard at Grange Corner – Councillor White has agreed with Hampshire Highways that a Bollard be placed by Beechdene House and dashed white lines painted across the entrance.
Also, HCC have agreed to replace all the damaged bollards on Grange corner and on Northington Hill corner of the B3046 and that HCC responded promptly to storm flooding issues on Kites Hill. Councillor Wykeham raised the issue of gravel being washed into the road by Keepers Cottage and if any long-term remedy could be given to stop this from happening.

Action: Clerk to get contact name in Highways that is looking at flooding in the valley with Jantiene Roseboom.
Biodiversity Action Plan meeting feedback (27th July) – Councillor Nye attended and reported back to the Council. The plan covered a wide range of areas including planting trees, protecting wooded pasture, wildflowers, wildlife, etc. The group have a budget of £10,000 a year but it was suggested that they would access other funding. The group seemed very well intentioned but there was no action plan from the meeting so not sure how to support.

4. Covid19 update

Cases of Covid19 are rising again as predicted.  No action with regards to WhatsApp group. Chairman to consider if a village wide email necessary. Old email communications to be reviewed and considered for updating.

Chairman to draft a communication to be sent out

Action:  Councillor White informed the Council that a QR code had been installed at the Village Hall as part of the track and Trace process.

5. Planning Applications
Southern Water Pipeline – The alternative plan to use the Candover Brook and protect the white Crayfish, is being investigated by Southern Water.
The White House (20/01642/HSE) – no objections for the Councillors
Godfield Manor (20/01804/Screen) – it was agreed that this application fell outside of the responsibility of Northington Parish Council, the Clerk had made the Clerk of Wield Parish Council aware of the application.
Grange Farm Buildings (20/01776/LIS) – The Councillors agreed that work needed to be done on the property as it was in an extremely poor state of repair. English Heritage were involved with the project which would mean that any work would be sympathetic to the original design and materials used. The plan is to use the buildings as a Conference Centre during the week and that no bar facilities were to be included, would reduce the impact on the village.

No objections raised to building plans. The Councillors have yet to see formal plans for use of facility, so premature for Councillors to comment on this. Only information has been a verbal intention of use provided to Chairman. A more formal, written proposal would be preferred.

6. Clerk’s statement

The Clerk has completed new bank mandate forms as the account has been redirected to the Clerk’s address and in the Clerk’s name but no access to the account given. The Chairman and Councillor White both signed the mandate.
Action: Clerk to forward mandate to NatWest contact.

There is one outstanding payment which need to be paid via cheque, which are: • Clerk’s salary (July to Sept) – £250.00

The grants which are usually given for the upkeep of the churchyard and village hall, have not yet been applied for. The Chairman agreed to follow up with the Church and Councillor White with the Village Hall.
Action: Clerk to raise cheques once applications have been received.

The Village Hall hire for the meeting is £10 per hour and 2 hours was used.

Action: Clerk to pay invoice for hall hire

7. Lengthsman duties

The Lengthsman is due to visit again on 29th September and so Councillor Wykeham will send round to all residents an email asking if there are any particular areas that require attention.

The recent downpours of rain have highlighted an issue with the culvert under the crossroad which appears to have been filled in. Councillor Wykeham to speak to Hampshire Highways contact about what can be done to reinstate this drain to allow water to clear the area. The Chairman also confirmed that there had been a pond in the area where the water was held, and this too has been filled in.

Action: Councillor Wykeham to discuss with Highways

8. Any other business
Changes to planning system training – The Chairman and Councillor Nye attended the training on Monday 21st September about changes to planning systems in Hampshire and across the Country. Government white paper consulting on changes to planning is being circulated with a plan to ratify it within 2 years. Currently 300,000 new homes a year are planned, and this will be across three zones of land type Growth Areas, Built Up Areas and Protected Areas. The target for Winchester City Council area has been increased from 692 to 1025 a year, however the number of properties on a development to require affordable Housing has increased from 14 to between 40-50, meaning that more small developments are likely to be identified with large and expensive homes.
Northington Parish Council have a Village Design Plan, which was adopted into Winchester City Council Plans which will ensure any new developments meet the requirements set out in the Statement.
Action: Chairman to ensure Village Plan is up to date.
Local Hero Awards – Councillor Power has forwarded details of a “Local Hero” award which is looking to celebrate those who have gone above and beyond during Covid19. The Councillors agreed that everyone in the community had done their bit and that there was no requirement to identify individuals.
Broadband upgrade – Councillor Wykeham has identified funding for installing fibre optic into homes and suggested that groups of houses within the village might look to group together to access the fund and get costs from a provider such as BT Openreach.  Grant funding up to £3000 – £3500 per dwelling, but a limited fund. This will be exhausted on a first come first serve basis, so speed of  application for access essential. Excess costs per dwelling will be quoted by Open Reach or other supplier. Clusters of dwellings should group together and make their own applications. Ideally the Parish council should be informed of these applications as congruous clusters might aid the case for the wider village as time progresses

Action: Councillor Wykeham to feedback at next meeting

Defib – Councillor White reported that the defib at the Village Hall is currently out of order. Andrew Fannon has reported that some maintenance is required which he has organised. The Ambulance Service and Heartbeat Trust have been informed.
Action: Clerk to let Councillors know when the unit is working again
The Grange Food Festival – North Hampshire Magistrates Court found in favour of Mike Bounds in a recent case about the Licensing of the Food Festival at the Grange in Northington.

9. Date of the next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 17th November at 7.00 pm, perhaps in the Village Hall, but a decision on the location will depend on Covid-19 developments.



Minutes – 21st July 2020

Date:  Tuesday, 21st July 2020

Venue:  Via a Video Conferencing facility

Present:  Chairman:  John Mitchell

Dennis Nye, Bill Wykeham, Yvonne White, Melissa Jennings, Cllr Margot Power, Cllr Jackie Porter

Clerk:  Wendy Simson

None (Yvonne had issues with connection)

Time:  7:00pm

1. Minutes of the last meeting


The minutes for the meeting on 27th May 2020 were agreed as a true representation of the meeting. The Clerk had forwarded a hard copy of the minutes to the Chairman which he signed.

2. Matters arising
Grass cutting for Rights of Way – The Parish Council submitted the following list of areas to be cut:

3. Covid19 update


  • The Oxdrove from the Woolpack Inn through to Preston Candover
  • The Wayfarer’s Walk
  • The Right of Way from Bryces Lane In Brown Candover to Kites Hill, Northington

July Oxdrove issue – The Chairman wrote a piece for the Oxdrove which thanked all those involved with supporting the village throughout Covid19.


Most households are starting to move about more now, there is no new concerns in the Parish. The

Volunteer WhatsApp page is just passing on news and keeping everyone up to date. It was agreed that the page needed to be kept live as a second wave of infections was expected in September/October.
Action: Councillors Jennings & Nye to send out a reminder email about the site after the next meeting in September.

The Chairman reported that Northington had been identified as a “hot spot” for case in the Hampshire Chronicle, this was due to a high proportion of reported cases in the area being hospitalised.

4. Planning Applications
Southern Water Pipeline – Councillor Porter informed the Council that South West Water had been asked by the planner to revisit their plans and investigate the option of using the river.
Councillor Porter also informed that Councillors that a visit had been planned with the Director of Place to the Grange to discuss the various applications being made.

Action: Clerk to ensure any updates are circulated.

Totford Sawmill (19/01509/FUL) – This application was rejected by the Planning Team as the site is designated as industrial and no effort had been made to continue for it to be used in this way. It is likely that an appeal will be raised.
Merrivale (20/01182/HSE) – The Councillors had no objections to the plans. The Chairman raised the concern that the garage was being used as living accommodation whilst the build talks place and ensuring that this is only a temporary right.

Southampton Runway Plans – Councillor Porter informed the Council that Winchester City Council intends to object due to the environmental impact and the effect on the carbon targets of the Council. Councillor Wykeham voiced a contrary opinion that the airport provided a resource to the County and without the runway extension would not be viable for the future.

Action: It was agreed that individual Councillors would respond
Swarraton House (20/01243/HOU) – The Councillors had no objections to this application.

5. Clerk’s statement

The Clerk has been in touch with Nat West about the on-line access to the account and a further form was required which has not been completed.
There are two outstanding invoices which need to be paid via cheque, which are:

  • Internal audit (2019/20) – £50.00
  • Clerk’s salary (April to June) – £250.00

    The read out the statements from page 5 of the AGAR form for approval, however the connections were not good, so the Councillors read the statements and approved them via email. The Chairman approved the completed AGAR and signed it off.
    The Clerk explained that the completed form is now to be uploaded to the Parish Council website and sent to the External Auditor. A small sample (5%) of small Councils with an income below £25,000 are picked for examination but if Northington do not fall into this group then the audit of the 2019/20 paperwork is concluded.

    Action: Clerk to ensure completed AGAR form is forwarded to External Auditor

6. Lengthsman duties

Councillor Wykeham had planned to ask the Lengthsman to concentrate on lines of sight at junctions throughout the Parish and had created a list of those that required action prior to the visit on 15th July. The day before the visit HCC cut all these areas. Councillor Porter suggested that there should be a cutting rota at HCC and agreed to speak to the department to get access as a huge amount of time had been wasted.

Action: Councillor Porter to speak to HCC about rota.
The next visit is planned for 29th September which falls just after the next Parish Council meeting so Councillor Wykeham to update the Councillors on planned activity.

7. Any other business
Winnall Roundabout roadworks – Councillor Nye circulated the information about the roadworks planned for the Winnall Roundabout to the community. Further work is planned which will go to consultation in September or October.

Councillor Porter believed that the A31 was also due to be closed as part of this work and agreed to find more details.
Action: Councillor Porter to forward information about A31 plans
Project to improve cycling and walking – Councillor Power gave a short update on the project which allowed the public to identify areas where additional work was required to make then safe for walking and cycling, this link is:

A peg has already been put in for Northington.
Northington Hill and Grange Corner speed signs – The speed signs have been installed; however, Councillor White was informed that there was not sufficient space to install bollards at Beech Dean. Having measured the area Councillor White is going to go back to Andy Smith at Highways as it looks like there is the required room.
Action: Councillor White to speak to Hampshire Highways Team
Grange Farm – The Chairman met with Mark Baring and prepared a short report on the findings. Action: Chairman to circulate to all Councillors
Rubble at telephone box – a pile of rubble has been dumped at the telephone box, this has been reported and removed. The Councillors discussed if the box should be removed or leased out to grow tomato plants.
Biodiversity Action Plan – Councillor Power gave a short update about the plan to improve the biodiversity of Hampshire. Northington has a good rating but other areas require work. A presentation will be made on-line, Monday 27th July.
Action: Yvonne and Dennis to attend and report back

8. Date of the next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 22nd September at 7.00 pm, perhaps in the Village Hall, but a decision on the location will depend on Covid-19 developments.
Councillor Power gave her apologies but agreed to send a colleague if possible.

Minutes – 26th May 2020

Date:  Tuesday, 26th May 2020
Venue:  Via a Video Conferencing facility

Present:  Chairman:  John Mitchell

Dennis Nye, Bill Wykeham, Yvonne White, Melissa Jennings, Cllr Margot Power, Cllr Jackie Porter

Clerk:  Wendy Simson

Apologies:  None

Time:  7:00pm

1. Minutes of the last meeting


The minutes for the meeting on 21st April 2020 were agreed as a true representation of the meeting. The Chairman had some minor corrections, which he would forward to the Clerk and a final hard copy will be signed when the Councillors are able to meet later in the year.

2. Matters arising
Environmental Health Issue – There has been no further information about the issues raised at the last meeting and clarification of the activity has not been possible, so at this time no further action is to be taken.

3. Covid19 update

There are some eight households self-isolating and these are being well supported by the community and deliveries from the fruit & veg deliveries as well and meat and fish from Alresford. The volunteer group continues to keep in contact with all residents to ensure any issues are picked up and supported.

4. Planning Applications
Swarraton Farm –The application by Swarraton Farms (19/02620/FUL), for minor extending of residential curtilage, has been approved.

South West Water Pipeline – The Chairman circulated a letter from the Parish Council objecting to the pipeline to all Councillors for approval before sending to the Planning Officers before the 22nd May deadline. Residents have also written from Northington and other villages in the area. Approximately 40 letters have been sent.

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The Chairman said he had spoken to a journalist on the Hampshire Chronicle and an article was published on 7th May.
The PC wondered why a pipeline was required, when the Candover Brook could provide a conduit for the water, with the existing pumping station in Totford providing the required force to move the water through the valley.

Councillor Porter suggested that impacts on landscaping in the South Down National Park were likely to be an issue. If the pipeline were to be redirected to avoid these areas then a second consultation would be required.
The Chairman asked the Council to consider setting up an Action Group with a view to seeking legal advice to ensure a robust objection is made. The Chairman was asked about the Parish Council funding such action, when the Council had declined to support legal action against the Food Festival. The Chairman said that the Council had declined to help fund opposition to the grant of a licence. Funding opposition to Chefstock would be different again, because there was no unanimity about the issue, unlike the pipeline.

Councillor Porter suggested that the Chairman should speak to the planning officer, Linda Kirby- Hawkes to ask for the current view on the application. If it was likely to be declined or a second application made, then it may be wise to spend money fighting later on.
It was agreed that the Chairman would speak to the planning officer and brief/consult the Council, before raising with residents the possibility of crowd funding and legal action.

Action: Chairman to keep Councillors informed of progress

Totford Saw Mill – The plan to construct a single dwelling with associated landscaping and parking, following the demolition and removal of existing buildings and structures (19/01509/FUL), is to be considered at the next Winchester City planning meeting on Tuesday 2nd June at 9:30am.

5. Clerk’s statement

The Clerk informed Councillors a statement from NatWest has been received but having contacted the bank the process for changing access has not yet been done, so the Clerk is not yet able to make electronic payments. There are five outstanding invoices, which are:

  • Insurance – £352.36 (due 1/6)
  • HALC subscription – £168.53 (due 31/5)
  • Defib costs – £230.00 (from last meeting)
  • Clerk’s salary (Jan to Mar) – £250.00
  • Chairman parking – £5.60 (from 20/1)

    The Council approved these payments and the Clerk has written cheques which were signed and can be forwarded.The budget has been updated to show the payments made and the current balance shows £7,335.75 across both accounts. The Clerk asked about the Grants for the Village Hall and upkeep of the Churchyard and it was agreed that these be made at the next meeting.

6. Lengthsman duties

Councillor Wykeham reported that the visit on 6th May went very well and that the team of 2 people worked hard to ensure all the areas of concern were tackled. Six residents sent details of jobs to be done and they were carried out.

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The next Lengthsman visit is planned for 15th July and Councillor Wykeham plans to look at sight lines at the junctions in the village to ensure vegetation is cut back to ensure good visibility. There are also several Rights of Way, which may need to be tackled.
The Chairman informed the Councillors that the

7. Misuse of Millennium Path

It appears some visitors to the area have been straying onto private land and not keeping dogs on leads when walking the Millennium Path, despite signs at both ends of the walk, asking Path users to do so.

8. Any other business

The Clerk had received a message from Jean Frost, the Editor of Oxdrove, about the next issue in July, which she plans to make a vehicle for thanking those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty during Lockdown, along with any funny stories. All residents have received a copy of Jean’s email and contributions should be sent sent to her.

It was agreed that the PC’s note should include mention of Lou Walker and Elaine Capp for their part setting up and managing the support groups.
Action: Chairman to write a short piece and send to Jean

Councillor White informed Councillors that an update to the planning application for Rose Cottage

9. Date of the next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 21st July at 7.00 pm, perhaps in the Woolpack Inn, but a decision on the location will depend on Covid-19 developments.

Central East Access Team from Hampshire County

Council (HCC) had been in touch to ask for the Priority Cutting List for Rights of Way but had also asked Parish Councils for support with the work as their teams were not able to manage them all requests due to Covid19. The Clerk had asked HCC if any costs incurred would be covered by HCC and she has now received confirmation that costs will be paid.

Action: Chairman to identify priority rights of way for cutting.

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(19/02560/HOU) had been posted. Initial feedback was that the property was large but in keeping with the area.


Councillor Jennings said she was happy to continue updating the Parish website with information for the Parish Council, the Church and Village Hall.


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